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1ST Generation Family-Owned Business

At Kirmer Kennel, our journey began with an unwavering love for Hungarian Vizslas. These elegant and versatile dogs captured our hearts, leading us to embark on a mission to share their beauty and intelligence with others. Our commitment to responsible breeding, combined with a deep appreciation for this breed's history and characteristics, sets us apart in the world of Vizsla enthusiasts.



Welcome to Kirmer Kennel, your trusted destination for exceptional Hungarian Vizslas and a wealth of information about this remarkable breed. Our passion for these magnificent dogs drives everything we do, from breeding to education and beyond.

Whether you're an experienced Vizsla owner or considering bringing home your first one, Kirmer Kennel is here to support you every step of the way. We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our breeding program, and get in touch with us to discuss your interest in Hungarian Vizslas. Together, let's celebrate the beauty and grace of these incredible dogs. Welcome to the Kirmer Kennel family.


Our Commitment

Quality and integrity are at the core of our breeding program. We prioritize the health, temperament, and genetic diversity of our Vizslas, ensuring that each puppy we bring into the world embodies the best qualities of this breed. Our dogs are raised in a loving and social environment, receiving the best care and attention possible.

Why Choose a Hungarian Vizsla?

Hungarian Vizslas, often referred to as "Velcro Vizslas" due to their affectionate nature, are a breed like no other. They are renowned for their:

  1. Versatility: Vizslas excel in various roles, from loving family companions to dedicated hunting partners. They adapt to your lifestyle, making them ideal for both active and relaxed households.

  2. Elegance: With their sleek, rust-colored coat and regal appearance, Vizslas are a breed that turns heads wherever they go.

  3. Intelligence: These dogs are not only beautiful but also highly intelligent. They are quick learners and thrive on mental stimulation and training.

  4. Loyal Companionship: Vizslas are known for their loyalty and deep bonds with their human families. They are loving, affectionate, and always eager to be by your side.

  5. Natural Hunters: Historically bred as hunting dogs, Vizslas retain their natural hunting instincts. They make exceptional hunting partners and excel in various dog sports and activities.


We believe that understanding the breed is just as important as owning one. Our website is a valuable resource for information about Hungarian Vizslas, including:



Explore the fascinating history of Vizslas, from their origins in Hungary to their journey to becoming beloved companions worldwide.



Discover tips and advice on raising a happy, healthy, and well-behaved Vizsla, from puppyhood to adulthood.



Gain insights into the official breed standards, ensuring you know what to look for in a high-quality Vizsla.

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